Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about TrulyATL

Why are there so few reviews of the products at TrulyATL?

Have you ever noticed the very same reviews written by identical names on different products at some other sites?  They are there most of the time because the text has been written into the code to appear on every single product page. is a new site managed by a real person in Metro Atlanta who genuinely wants to earn your business the right way and, therefore, will not display fake reviews, ever!  We are, however, very proud of our performance reviews on Amazon, Bonanza and ebay, and the real ones that customers deserve will appear here over time, but reservations over the lack of social proof is completely understandable.  We're willing to wait.

How do I pay? Is it secure?

American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa are all welcomed for use in payment for your order, but Apple Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay are also options. You enjoy all of the security measures offered through those payment systems. As a Shopify Merchant, TrulyATL also offers the highest level of security with regard to your payment. Each transaction undergoes a rigorous fraud analysis and we are alerted of any that may be fraudulent (for instance, mismatches between the address associated with the credit card, delivery addresses and the IP address where an order is placed). We do not see your credit card information. For an even higher level of protection, consider avoiding the use of public wifi when paying for your order.

How long should it take for products to be delivered?

Every effort is made to safely deliver your products within four weeks of order. Of course, delivery times will vary by product, but the description for every product listed at includes an idea about the estimated time required for product delivery based on supplier advisement.

My order hasn't yet arrived. What are my options?

We should be in touch with you if a month has passed without delivery since your order was placed. If your order has not been received nor a message from us, please contact us and we will find out why there has been such a delay. In all cases, we will work to find a mutually beneficial solution. After all, we are consumers too and strive to do the right thing.

Can I cancel my order after I've made a purchase on the website?

Sure, an order can be cancelled within the same day of purchase. Your means of payment will be credited right away. We do, however, begin investing in the delivery of your goods as soon as possible, so orders that have already shipped cannot be canceled. But again, that will likely be days after the original placement of your order.

How can I track my order delivery?

You will receive an order confirmation upon completion of your purchase and the tracking number once the product has shipped.

Please contact us with other questions and we'll respond as soon as possible.