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New Bee Kind Accent Coffee Cups Two Tone Glossy Ceramic Hard ORKA Coating 11 OZ

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Bee Kind Accent Coffee Cups serve as kindness reminders in function and colorful style while adding a touch of class to the daily or hourly coffee breaks.

Features of this Bee Kind Accent Coffee Cup

This tasteful 11-ounce ceramic coffee cup with two-tone rim and handle is microwave safe, allowing users to conveniently and quickly warm their tasty beverages at home or in the office. It features a gently rounded c-handle for maximum in-hand comfort and protection from the heat during use. This coffee cup is also dishwasher safe for frequent cleaning after use with the two matching tones and highly detailed design sublimated against the white background continuing to vividly display the same respectful image on both sides.

On average, Americans are believed to drink around 1.87 cups of coffee each morning, so coffee cups and mugs often make the perfect gift. Whether starting the morning routine with a favored cup of jo or letting that special mix of soothing hot cocoa help wind down the day (some might even use coffee cups and mugs to display an inspiring or funny thought as desk and shelf décor), owners will certainly appreciate your taste and thoughtfulness when receiving this stylish coffee cup as a preferred gift while guests will want to know where you found it.

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More Details on this Bee Kind Accent Coffee Cup

  • High Gloss + Premium White Finish
  • ORCA Coating
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • 3.7"H x 3.7W x 3.2"D
  • 10.2" Circumference

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