Launch Your Summer Entertaining Plans right with these Great Home Staging Tips

The Summer of 2021 is certain to be one of epic proportions as we exit what has proven to be one of the worst seasons in recent history traversed mutually through this terrible pandemic. While Covid-19 remains a serious threat in many areas across the United States, the signs of improvement in many areas bring renewed optimism for a complete recovery and reasons for celebration, gatherings and more at home. Since June 20th, the start of the Summer Season, is essentially upon us, consider these ten steps in home staging to showcase your property in the best light during entertainment events.

Mow Your Lawn

Grass typically grows much faster during the summer season. Improve the appearance of your lawn by mowing it prior to an event. It not only contributes to your efforts at safety, but adds a touch of fresh fragrance that may delight guests and neighbors alike.

Make the Exterior Like New Again

Wash away any surface mold, mildew, or other stubborn stains from patios, stairs, railings, wall surfaces, deck and driveway. A powerful pressure washer usually available for rent at affordable rates nearby can easily and thoroughly handle the job in short order while helping you make the intended presentation to guests, neighbors and yourself.

Decorate Your Lawn

Enhance your living space for entertainment and relaxation this summer with a wind chime on the front porch and decorative garden flag nearby. Even a barbecue station in the rear can make unused space more inviting and encourage guests to stay.

Brighten Things Up Outside

You’ve invested some effort and time into presenting your home beautifully. Now make sure that the work you’ve done is seen both day and night with tasteful outdoor lighting that softly illuminates the exterior. Doing so will certainly convey the message that your home is secure, but also a dwelling place that is enjoyed.

Then Brighten Up Your Interior

Pastels and whites are the way to go inside, particularly when it comes to linens. Stow away those dark blue bedspreads and other deep color schemes to brighten the inside and make your home more inviting to guests while refreshing your own state of mind.

Treat Your Windows with Light

While you’re stowing, summer entertaining also brings about a good opportunity to consider exchanging those heavy, sun-blocking window treatments with more colorful, lighter versions that allow in the natural light.

Bring Freshness to the Powder Rooms

Add the sweetness and summer to the private places with essential oils. Consider adding such fragrances as honeysuckle, lemongrass, fresh linen or other summer scents to the inside of the toilet rolls.

Bring in the Color

Freshen the air with healthy houseplants while adding a touch of color to the inside. Consider something green and leafy in the powder room and a bowl of lemons strategically placed on the kitchen counter to brighten with color. A pitcher of cold lemonade can serve as a color splash and refreshing way for thirsty guests to cool down while also bringing back their childhood memories.

Be Comfort-Minded

Make sure that guests are comfortable when visiting your home. The appropriate temperature setting for an increased number of warm bodies inside will likely be different from the one for the family alone, so you’ll want to make the adjustments to the air conditioning as needed.

Following these suggestions may not make your home the go-to place for local home entertainment, but then who wants that anyway? Completing them will, however, ensure that your property is presented in the best light possible so that all feel welcomed and more likely willing to return.
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