Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property using these Four Easily-Completed Tips

The inside of our homes is where we heal, refresh, entertain and spend time, so it makes sense that homeowners tend to place more importance on indoor home care.  The exterior, however, is usually the first area seen by neighbors and visitors, is where conclusions are often formed about one’s home and likely among the places in more need of attention.  Left unattended or forsaken, those opinions (and yes, the HOA hate mail) will soon make themselves known to the owner.   Who needs that?  Use these curb appeal landscaping and other outdoor enhancement tips to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior and feel better about the way it looks.

Sharpen the Walkway

Roll out the carpet, or rather the walkway, as a means of making your home more inviting to others. Consider the safe installation of bricks, pavers, slate or a tasteful combination thereof as replacements to a boring concrete walkway. If you are not quite there right now, a thorough power wash and concrete stain in a color that is complementary to your existing color scheme will bring new life to your walkway.

Lighten things Up

You know that generic porch light that has been the only source of illumination on the front of your home for years, the one you never got around to updating? Consider replacing it with one that adds the desired appeal such as a gray or white lantern for that farmhouse decorating look. Think about walkway lights, lighting posts near the driveway entrance, even sensor lights that alert occupants of visitors to your property. Subtle lighting touches can add tasteful effects to the appearance of a home without being overbearing or costly.

Remember the Flower Beds

The bright colors of appropriately-chosen flowers that display from the darkened mulch of a well-maintained flower bed add an aura to one’s home. Use the Farmer’s Almanac or local resources for guidance on the best flowers for your specific climate, keep them trimmed and otherwise cared for to ensure that they perform as expected.

Add Color

Go beyond flowers in your pursuit of a colorful exterior.   A fresh coat of paint also freshens the appearance of one’s home along with emboldened doors, shutters, kick panel and hardware. A red door will present well when properly matched with other colors, but other bright colors can also be an attractive and tasteful accent. Be sure to include porch décor in your plans, including outdoor pillows that match your existing color scheme.

Charming curb appeal landscaping and exterior décor creates a welcoming appearance for guests and yourself, allowing you to reimagine your home as the oasis that it is, far removed from the day’s hustle and bustle. Consider these tips to make the best of it.