Blankets, Throw Pillows, Oh My! Three Home Staging Trends that Change Over Time

Home designers and other professionals are keenly aware of the changes in staging trends and their affects on the industry. While the traditional foundations for success, proper home maintenance, space depersonalization and neutrality, remain important, the very definition of "neutral" seems to have evolved over time along with tastes in colors and the appetite for more risks in pursuit of the perfect home space.

A home that the owner finds warm and inviting is becoming more of a priority as some employers come to terms with the efficiencies associated with working from home thrust on many by the pandemic. Those owners are also considering a return to their normal home entertainment routines in light of improving conditions around COVID-19. But having been quarantined for so long and away from local shops, some are asking exactly where to start their home décor and staging journey. Here are a few home staging trends that are expected to emerge or return to modern home styles.

Warmer Colors Win the Day

Neutral colors that meet local customs, existing home lighting and themes remain important. But a newer trend is developing that appears to be overtaking the long relied-upon minimal grays and whites of years past. Warmer color tones such as deep, soothing beiges that tie in nicely with the natural scenery are emerging in dominance among the color choices of many home owners. They are not necessarily decorating as much with the caramels, tans or even the yellow-tones of beige, instead opting toward a palate that connects more with beachfront or other exterior color themes.

Conveying a Message of Comfort

Owners are staging their homes as sanctuaries, retreats for real self-actualization. That is why blankets, throw pillows, dining areas indoors and outside staged with coffee cups, outdoor and more are often found, all conveying the message that, "hey, this isn't just a showplace, but a real domicile that is rich with enjoyment."

Expressions in the Color Black

In another change from the norm, home owners are now using black statement pieces with their otherwise neutral tones as draws to subtle home features and points of interests. Black frames around family photos, art pieces and other elements tend to draw the eyes of guests to conversation pieces that contribute well toward the decorative theme, making them small risks that are often well worth taking toward achieving home fashion goals.

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